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Successful porcine safety trial of the F.O.A.M.™ device published in Military Medicine

Severe intra-abdominal bleeding currently requires operative treatment by trained surgeons, while Critical Innovations' patented F.O.A.M.™ technology task-shifts to allow earlier abdominal hemostasis by a wider range of providers. A recent article in Military Medicine evaluated the characteristics, survival, and histological analysis of using the F.O.A.M.™ device in a porcine model. In the study, F.O.A.M.™ reached the desired intra-abdominal pressure endpoint while not significantly altering basic hematologic parameters. These results provide strong support for the safety of the FOAM™ device and will support the design of further regulatory studies in swine and humans. See full article here.

Fast Onset Abdominal Management (FOAM) portable delivery device. The device is designed to control intra-abdominal hemorrhage in the out-of-hospital, prolonged field care, and forward surgical environments (A). The intra-abdominal stopping mechanism auto-senses and auto-stops at the appropriate depth once it passes through the abdominal wall and reaches the peritoneal cavity (B).


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