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    Critical Innovations LLC is an ISO 13485:2016 certified, 21 CFR§820 QSR and DCAA compliant, medical research and development company focused on creating cutting-edge solutions to health threats that span the pre-hospital, hospital, and military environments.  The FDA-registered small business employs an iterative development methodology focused on human factors engineering to rapidly advance products. 

    Critical Innovations LLC has strengths in medical device, software, and therapeutic development, including experience with:

    • Laboratory, preclinical, and clinical research

    • Cost, reimbursement, intellectual property, and market analysis

    • FDA quality system regulations

    • Rapid prototyping 

    • Manufacturing set-up and transition

    • Unique challenges to military systems, environments, and program management

    Focus Areas


    Combat Casualty Care

    Critical Care

    Damage Control Resuscitation

    Emergency Medical Services

    Emergency Medicine

    Prolonged Field Care

    Trauma Care

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    CD010 Rev.E 12-16-19