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Critical Innovations Presents at the 2023 Military Health System Research Symposium in Orlando, FL

Critical Innovations was pleased to present three oral presentations and one poster session at the Military Health System Research Symposium in Orlando, Florida last month. The MHSRS provides a venue for presenting new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique research and development and is the Department of Defense’s foremost scientific meeting.

Dr. Ross Donaldson, President & CEO of Critical Innovations, delivered the following oral presentations:

  • "BurRapid™ Intracranial Access Platform for Traumatic Brain Injury” under the breakout session: Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment for Early Combat, In-theater Administration

  • “A novel, reverse-phase-shifting, thermoreversible foam with deployment system for the treatment of penetrating globe trauma in a newly described large-animal model” under the breakout session: Expeditionary Diagnostics and Treatment of Vision Injury

  • “A novel, reverse-phase-shifting, thermoreversible foaming hydrogel containing antibiotics for the treatment of thermal burns in a swine model – a pilot study” under the breakout session: Advanced Battlefield Care of Severe Burn Casualties at the Point of Need: Prehospital to Definitive Care

The company also presented the following poster presentation:

  • “Donaldson Decompression Needle™ (DDN™) for the Rapid Treatment of Tension Pneumothorax” under the poster session: Advances in Prolonged Care

Critical Innovations values the opportunity to present research on its developing technologies in this collaborative setting focused on the unique medical needs of the Warfighter.


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